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Here is a table that shows common weight units and their equivalent values in other weight units:

Unit Milligrams (mg) Grams (g) Kilograms (kg) Ounces (oz) Pounds (lb) Tons (t)
mg 1 0.001 0.000001 0.000035274 0.000002205 0.000000001
g 1000 1 0.001 0.035274 0.002205 0.000001
kg 1,000,000 1,000 1 35.274 2.20462 0.001
oz 28 0 0 1 0.0625 0.00
lb 454 0 0 16 1 0
t 1,000,000,000 1,000,000 1000 35,273.96 2204.62262 1


To use the table, simply find the unit you want to convert from and the unit you want to convert to, and then locate the appropriate conversion factor in the table. 

For example, to convert 500 grams (g) to pounds (lb), you would locate the intersection of the "g" row and the "lb" column in the table, which gives a conversion factor of 0.002205. You would then multiply 500 by 0.002205 to get 1.1025 pounds.

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