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Today all businesses, persons, products, detail, etc in QR codes. so QR code is a basic requirement for all these formats. With this tool, you can create a QR code for you whatever your purpose.

QR code is known as a 'Quick Response' code. Denso Wave Incorporated has registered it as a trademark. QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that Mobile, tablets, and computers with webcams can read. In a single QR code, over 4,000+ characters can be encoded.


How to create a QR Code online?

Easily create a QR Code from any content. Follow the below step to create a secure, quick, and easily online.

Step 1: paste the content inbox you want to show after the QR code scan

Step 2: Choose a custom logo if you want to see any logo center in the QR Code

Step 3: as per your requirements you can write the image size and logo size.

Step 4: Click on Generate box after clicking on the download button to download the QR code.


How to add a logo to the QR code?

Easy way to generate a QR code with your logo. if you find any tool to convert code with a logo so are in right place. you can follow the steps given in the upper, follow this instruction, and create a QRcode with the logo. that code represents your brand values.

Text to QR Code Converter Online

you can easily convert text to QR code online with help of this tool free of cost. Only write text and click on generate button to create a QR code secure and easy.

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