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CPM (cost per million) is a common advertising metric used to calculate the cost of displaying an ad to 1,000 people (million is Latin for thousand). 

To calculate CPM, you can use this formula:

CPM = (Total cost of ad impressions / Total number of ad impressions) x 1,000

Here's how to use this formula:

Determine the total cost of your ad impressions. This includes all costs associated with running your ad, such as design and placement fees.

Determine the total number of ad impressions. An ad impression refers to each time your ad is displayed on a website or app. This number is typically provided by the ad platform or publisher.

Plug in these values into the formula and calculate your CPM.

For example, let's say you ran a campaign on any platform Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube, etc that cost $500 and received 50,000 ad impressions. To calculate the CPM, you would use the following formula:

CPM = ($500 / 50,000) x 1,000 = $10

So the CPM for this campaign would be $10, meaning it cost $10 to display the ad to 1,000 people.

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