Confidence Interval Calculator

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To use the Confidence Interval Calculator, you will need to provide the following inputs:

1. Sample mean (x̄)
2. Sample standard deviation (s)
3. Sample size (n)
4. Confidence level (expressed as a percentage)

Once you have entered these inputs, the calculator will generate the lower and upper bounds of the confidence interval.

Here's the formula for calculating the confidence interval:

CI = x̄ ± (z * (s / √n))


  • CI = Confidence interval
  • x̄ = Sample mean
  • z = The z-score corresponding to the desired confidence level (e.g., for a 95% confidence level, the z-score is 1.96)
  • s = Sample standard deviation
  • n = Sample size

To use the calculator, simply enter the values for the sample mean, sample standard deviation, sample size, and confidence level, and then calculate the lower and upper bounds of the confidence interval.

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