SEO Trend in 2023

A search engine is evolving every day with the help of technological updates. so SEO professionals work for this technological adaptation to adopt and rank higher on SERP(search engine result page).

one media report says that google has algorithm updates is 500 to 600, so every day one or two updates. and 1 or 2 Major updates that can helpful for any SEO professional. they work well on any particular website after that update search traffic increases or decreases by around 50%. For all technical terms and how organic traffic increases Digital marketer Professional person is helpful to solve that problem.

E-commerce Industry - Shopping

Online shopping trend is drastically increasing after so many online platforms give the best product with the best price service at the doorstep. so that people are more and more products and services buy every year.

2.1 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services by the end of 2021(, 2019 around 1.92 billion people which is 21.55% global population made online purchases.


Mobile Utility

Mobile and the internet are a basic essentiality of any person and that number is also increasing day by day. 22% of mobile traffic is increasing every year and 66% of traffic is only in mobile devices. 

So mobile search traffic increases as per desktop traffic. that's why a mobile-friendly website must be required. that is the google ranking factor if your site is not mobile friendly so your site is not organic ranking anywhere.


Voice search

Today era people are the last to type on google so voice search also increases so that in the future voice search is play the main role in search terms.

Data shows in that 40.2 percent of the United States population use voice search features. 71 percent of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing(source:Oberlo). 


"Content is king" also works

Content always work well and they improve content quality for our user is most important. Content is also important for customer engagement, lead generation, and business requirements.

Various types of content today businesses write Informative, Commercial, and translation. all type of content needs today for all customers.

For more engagement of this content, you can add images, videos, and GIFs also so people engage with the content. content writing is an art that is most useful in the SEO industry in the future skill of SEO Experts.


What is the Future of SEO?

In simple words, SEO's future is not DEAD but the parameters and other technicalities will change over the period of time so SEO professionals and any SEO Agency are required to meet current criteria.

If we compare past and present SEO they evolve much more, because of technology and adding new users every day so today more competition the past. In the last 5 Years competition in this field drastically increase.

Before I want to go to Future of SEO I want to know your search engine and how works. in simple terms, if any person has any query and finds an answer to that query we can use the search engine(Google) right. so every time search query is not the same. people want to know new things and new search. 

If you solve people's problems (search queries) with a good reputation. so they interact with your page that is one ranking factor in a search engine, that type of 100+ ranking factor that you don't know about but SEO professionals always know that.

If we diversified search in search engines so the outcome is that 9.5 Billion Search Every day, every second will have 99000 search queries and every person every day 3 times search on google (source: fitsmallbusiness)

on daily basis, 15 % of search queries that were never before searched on google that call by google official source. 

so the assumption is that minimum of 15% growth on search terms so that market is also growing at a minimum 15% rate. 

Because everyday new searches, people look for everyday new and want to explore more things. our targeted audience also increases and new searches also increase so the SEO industry is growing a minimum 25% every year as experts say. 

SEO Agency work also not be easy in the future because of new and big players enter in this industry so in the future is also more competition.

What are the requirements for an SEO professional in the future?

In simple words, I will tell you updated with market trends. apply new experience with a website, have Basic knowledge of SEO, read a case study, etc. 

In-depth knowledge of GA(google analytics) and GSC(google search console), Keyword research, Competitive analysis, SEO Tools, Updates with new news & Market trends and also known as On-page, Off-page, Technical SEO required as an SEO Professional in the future.

In the future SEO Experts also have Non-technical Skills like work Prioritization, Critical thinking, Analysis of websites, Research attitude, good Writing skill, and client Communication.

Google technology and AI(Artificial Intelligence) work to improve search results as personal requirements so that the Ranking of a website changes over a period of time. if we change a ranking requirement so we can win search engines always show on any search engine like google, bing, 

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