Age Calculator

A quick way to calculate your age using our online calculator. Calculate your age based on your date of birth.


Step 1: choose Date, Month and Year

Step 2: click on “calculate


This simple calculator will help you figure out how old you are today. Simply enter your year of birth and click “Calculate.” You can also use the drop-down menu to select your month and day of birth. You can Calculate your age by adding years, months or days.

If you’re looking for an easy way to find out how old you are, then try our online calculator. Calculate your age from your current age.

You can use our online calculator to quickly find out how old you really are. Simply enter your date of birth and hit ‘Calculate’. We’ll do the rest.


Calculate your age as an integer value.

Enter your birthday (MM/DD/YYYY) and click ‘Calculate.’ If you’re unsure of your exact date of birth, just enter any two digits of your year of birth (e.g., 01/01/1990).


Calculate your age in years, months or weeks.

You can also use our calculator to find out how old you will be in different parts of the world. Just select your country and region from the drop-down menu.

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